A rebellion is built not just on armies but also a vast network of civilian supporters.

And just like any, this Rebellion is in need of such a network.

For those who wish to contribute more to the Rebellion, we have a few volunteer positions.


For those who are really passionate about the cause :). Your job is to re-share materials from the Rebellious Writing website and posts from the Rebellious Writing social media; send people to the #RW sites; do blog tours; and comment on other bloggers' posts about clean reads with info about #RW.

This particular position is entirely voluntary, totally flexible (do as much or as little as you like) and doesn't require any signing up. For this Rebellion to grow, it is one of the most important jobs.

Book Scout:

 We are always looking for clean books to recommend, and we also want to warn against bad ones. While all of us on the team are avid readers of YA fiction, there is only so many books one can read at a time. So, we look to our fellow readers! 

The job of a book scout is to scout out and give us their personal ratings of Young Adult age-range literature, especially for how much swearing, abuse, and lust is present in the work on a 1 to 5 scale. Much like a spy's communication to an army, these simple brief "reviews" would provide a guaranteed spoiler free look to see if a book is clean enough to enjoy without loss of our souls or tempers.

UPDATE (9/16): It has come to our attention that there is some confusion with how the star system works. Hence we give you a more broken down explanation immediately below. Please refer to the below definitions of language, abuse and lust. 

1 star - lots of language (especially the worst words), heavy amounts of abuse or showing abuse of any kinds as good, or lots of sex or lustful relations

2 star - frequent amounts of language, abuse or lust

3 star - moderate amounts of language, abuse or lust

4 star - a little language, a few situations of abuse or a lustful scene or two.

5 star - no language, no abuse, no lust present in the work.

What do we mean by no language?

We mean that the work has no swear words (spelled out or in symbol talk). Words such as crap, suck, screw, etc., are technically vulgar words as well though they are not considered swear words. Since we wish to advocate for clean literature, I personally would include these words as swear words. Phrases that allude to swearing (e.g. he cursed) are acceptable.

What do we mean by no abuse?

If abuse (alcohol, drug, child, animal or domestic) is in the book at all, it is shown in a negative light and has clear consequences for the perpetrator. We don't wish to recommend books that would glorify that kind of stuff.

What do we mean by no lust?

The books has no explicit sexual scenes (including making out), or any impurity beyond mild kissing between a male and a female.
Wrongful desire (i.e. desiring someone else's spouse, only desiring the body, etc.) should be treated the same as abuse (negative light and clear consequences).

Being a book scout is completely voluntary. You, the scout, set your own terms of involvement. You can make one recommendation, you can make 250 if you so desire. You can do it regularly, you can do it once in a blue moon. The choice is entirely yours. 

These book scout reviews will be published on the Rebellious Writing Goodreads group and will be also published here on the blog as "Book Scout Bulletins".

To submit your blog reviews, please fill out the Google Form below, selecting "Book Review" to access the ratings page.

NOTICE: We are only accepting submissions for YA literature. Any children's or middle-grade age books will not be accepted or published. 

Orator (Guest Poster):

Words always fuel rebellions. We welcome any guest poster that wishes to expound on the need for clean reads, talk about their favorite clean books, writing tips, or other topics relating to clean reading or writing. 

To submit your proposal for a guest post, please fill out the Google Form below, selecting "Guest Post" to access the proposal page. 

If you would like to be involved in another way, feel free to contact us at
therebelliouswriting [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you so much for viewing this page, and we look forward to working with you!