About #RW

Rebellious writing. Rebellious not because we are disobeying our parents, but because we are, in fact, obeying them and going against the norm. Today it is beyond common for books to have explicit language and scenes. It is beyond common for the media to broadcast their message that this is okay and that this is perfectly normal when it isn't, or shouldn't be. We can change that. Together as bloggers, writers, readers, down to the every single person who has a heart for change, together we can do this. 
         Rebellious Writing is a movement that demands for wholesome books. Books that are full of light, good morals, family, friendships, and adventures, instead of books full of darkness, swearing, sex, vile relationships, and lust. Let's rebel against the social book standards that scream at us to fit in, in order to be cool or relevant. 
         We want to see rants about this, blog posts about this, social media posts about this. Whatever we can do to get the word out there, whatever we as small lights can do to illuminate and grow like wildfire.

So what can you do?
1. Blogger? Have Social Media? Write a post listing all the good clean books you love with the #RebelliousReading

- Write a post warning people against bad books also including the #RebelliousReading

- Write a post/rant about why we need good books with the #RebelliousWriting

- Write a post/rant against bad books with the #RebelliousWriting

- Write a post about why you are rebelling against normal book standards with the #RebelliousWriting

 3. A writer? Join us. Let's use our talents to create clean decent reading material for today and tomorrow's generation.

4. A reader? Support clean and good literature and refuse to purchase books of low morale. Take your time in your research, you are doing this not only for your own good, but also for your future children, the future generation. Check out recommendations on our blog! 

5. Help raise a lover of good books. Take a child under your wing, whether a sibling, cousin, nephew or niece, a friend, a son or daughter. Take the time to read or recommend a good book.

2. Last but not least, WRITE FOR US! Send in your short story, poem, or article through our contact page for a chance to be featured on our page. (consider good grammar, proper subjects, and neat formatting)