Saturday, December 14, 2019

Why You Need to Set a Goodreads Goal (and how to reach it)

It's getting close to New Years...which means we're all thinking about what we want to do in 2020. It's goal setting time.

And I'm here to convince you to set a goal for how many books to read in 2020.

We need to read. Reading is a good thing. So please forgive my shameless reference to a post on my personal blog about why We Need to Read. I'm trying to keep this post short, haha.

Setting goals is a good way to get more reading done. And doing it through Goodreads keeps it concrete, real. You actually create the account and decide just how many books you want to try for. Or even if you just do it privately, keeping a list of the books you read can help keep you on track.

There is no wrong goal (unless you're being unrealistic). Are you a busy person or a slow reader? Then a low goal is perfectly fine. Don't feel bad that you only read 5 books while others read 55. Maybe they simply don't have anything else to do with their life. Maybe they're speed-reading and not getting anything out of what they read. Maybe they're reading novellas or kids books. Or listening to audio books at high speed. Think about the year ahead, and set a realistic goal. Maybe two books a month, plus an extra or two in summer. You know your reading habits better then anyone else.

But don't make it easy. What's the point of setting a goal when you don't have to sweat to reach it? Why set a goal for three books and then read a couple board books you found lying around and count those as reaching your goal? Pick a goal you know you can reach and add one more book. Hold yourself accountable and don't "cheat" by reading books way below your reading level.

**But how to reach your goal, especially in this busy world?**

Always have a book handy, should you find spare time. I don't carry a purse. I carry a bookbag (or so I call it). It totes around my bullet journal, my Bible, and at least one book. If I find a few minutes lunch break to read, I've got a book. If someone else drives (my sibs and I sometimes carpool to work), I can read. If I'm getting the oil changed, my book is with me.

Keep an ebook on your phone at all times. Those times when you're stuck on the toilet...stop scrolling FaceBook and read a few pages. Sitting in the car waiting for a slowpoke to get ready to leave? Read a page while you wait. Think opportune moments, guys.

Try something new. You don't have to read a new book to make it count towards your book goal. You're allowed to do re-reads. But I beg of you, try something new. Just once, at least. Check out our book reviews or ask a friend for a recommendation or read reviews on Goodreads. You might be surprised.

Don't sweat. If you don't reach your goal because you set it way too high, or unforeseen life things happened, hey, don't worry about it. (If you spent too much time on Pinterest, yeah, you might want to be a little embarrassed.) But generally speaking, there's no shame. You did what you could. And as long as you enjoyed what you read, or learned from it, that's what counts.

-Julian Daventry


  1. This is so clever! I honestly love all of these ideas so much.

  2. You have many great tips here! What helps me is audio books ;) LOVE, LOVE audio books.


  3. I love this!! My goodreads goal definitely SAAAAAAAAAAVES me and motivates me to read; I honestly think I wouldn't read if I didn't have my challenge! The e-book tips is lifesaving: it helps me read so much more than I would otherwise, especially when I'm out and about and don't/can't have a book with me!

    Hanne ||