Saturday, April 27, 2019

Rise and Shine: April Wrap-Up and Update

It is often said that "April showers bring May flowers", but it seems hard to believe it when there is never any sunshine, only the rain. "Rain" for us writers can mean several things, either we are stuck only plotting, not doing any writing, or we are editing, and it seems like we will never reach the end.

The good news: All the "rain" is bringing beautiful "flowers".

But, who said that rain is a bad thing? I have always loved rain, because even though we can't see the sun, we still know that is behind the clouds. In these times, our writings are what brighten up people's days. We need to "Rise and Shine" so brightly, even if it means that we are doing the hard tasks, the boring ones, the results will be worth it.

We here at RW had a "rainy day" where we decided to take a break April 7th. Besides that we had some book reviews, getting us back on track!

Posts this Month:

Brushing Shadow and Poisoned Apple: 2 Book Reviews - by Catherine Hawthorn
Catherine reviewed Brushing Shadow, the sixth book in a series by Anna Lee Huber, and we had one of our book scouts, Rachel Kovaciny review Five Poisoned Apples. Follow the bold link to see their thoughts on those two books.

"Uncommon" Book Reviews: Mini-Reviews of 5 Lesser Known Novels - by Julian Daventry
We are always reading new books because it is exciting, but is it because we think that old books are boring? Julian recommends older books that are worth a shot.

Monthly Statistics:

98 followers, 44,901 all-time views

59 likes, 68 followers

306 followers, 449 tweets

39 posts, 141 followers

22 boards, 137 followers

81 members, 23 topics

46 subscribers

Camp NaNo Stats:

As many writers know, April is a Camp NaNo Month! Each of us RW members love to write, so here are some of our stats from this Camp.

Catherine: Goal is 20k. Right now she is at 17k, and still has a few days!
Faith: 120,015, and she won, and finished her book!
Julian: 8 hours and 54 minutes spent editing!
Lila: Goal is editing 100 pages. Currently at around 70ish!
Keturah: 25k words!

Way to go, girls! You have all done so fantastically!

Around the Blogosphere:

The website Fairy Tale Central was launched! It is run by Arielle Bailey, Faith White, and Christine Smith. Such a cool place to check out for all fairy tale lovers!

ArielCatherineCeciFaith, Julian, Nicole, and Sarah all participated in The Shared WIP Tag.

Kara Lynn, and a few helpers, revealed the cover of her book The Broken Prince which is coming out in June!

Our very own Melissa Gravatis celebrated blogging for three years on her blog, Quill Pen Writer! Congrats, Melissa!

One of our followers, Danielle Droubay celebrated her "writerversary", she has been writing for five years! Way to go!

Final Thoughts:

Keep on writing! I look forward to one day reading all of your "flowers," your amazing creations.

Yours &c.

Clare A.


  1. We're all doing so well for Camp! <3

  2. Love the bit about rain! Personally I find raid dull, but it’s so good for the ranchers so I try not to hate it. And love the word counts!