Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Lion and the Lamb: March Monthly Wrapup

It's been a wild ride here in New England this winter.

The weather has gone from dumping buckets of snow on our heads, to pouring so much rain our garage flooded, to giving us days so warm we can wear T-shirts outside. There's been skiing and there's been roller skating. There's been hot cocoa and there's been ice cream.

The swing between warm and cold makes me think of the books on my reading list. I swing back and forth between periods where there're lots of clean books on my shelf, and times when I'm reading whatever happens to be on the market.

Right now, it seems kind of like everyone is writing books full of crud. There's so much smut in the world—could we ever actually succeed in making uplifting, hopeful fiction be the norm?

That's the winter. But don't worry, friends. The spring is coming.

Posts this Month

A Defense of Non-Committal Writers by Catherine—a really great look at the fact that we don't have to rush through our writing projects! Let's take our time and create a work of art worthy of our pride. 

Thoughts About Magic in YA by the Rebellious Writing team—the whole team got together to discuss our thoughts on magic and whether or not it's okay in YA! We had a blast writing this one, and hope you all enjoyed it too!

Short and Snappy: How to Write a Gripping Flash Fiction Story by Lila Kims—everyone writes novels, but how can you tell an excellent story in less than a thousand words?! This post does an awesome job providing advice on how to do it!

Taking a Closer Look: Details are Everything by Clare A.—is content okay in small doses? What harm does a little bit of the yuckier elements of smut do? Clare is here to inform us that it may effect more than we think. 

Monthly Stats

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Around the Blogosphere

It's almost Camp NaNoWriMo! Next month, we can expect to see lots of posts about that from team members and followers alike.

Christine is starting a new blog called Fairy Tale Central along with two other bloggers, Arielle and Faith, and it's going to be absolutely fantastic! It should be releasing soon.

Nicki Chapelway gave us a post featuring the most pressing books on her TBR! If you need more books for that shelf (and you know you do), check out her list!

Our team member, Keturah, started a serial story on her blog about Susan Pevensie from Narnia! Only one chapter is up on her blog at the moment, but it has the makings of a really awesome story.

Julian asks her readers to consider the main goal of getting published: is it for the pursuit of our own happiness, or is it for the glory of God?

Final Thoughts

It can be cold out there, and it can feel like you're alone. But we're never alone. There are lots of other Rebellious Readers and Rebellious Writers around you. All you have to do is look.

Have a wonderful April, everyone! 


  1. Looks like another great month for RW ... and thanks for sharing about my Susan serial ;D Part two will be out on Monday /SO EXCITED/. But yeah has been cold. Glad it's nearly over ;D

  2. Oh, love this wrap-up, Faith! You did such a good job, especially with comparing the weather to books! I totally get you: my sisters and I went skiing on the first day of spring! XD