Monday, February 25, 2019

Starting Things Right: Monthly Wrap-up and Update

It's the shortest month of the year, and boy, did it fly by (at least for me).  I really only remember about two weeks of it.  (Did we really have all four weeks???)

Anyway, February can be kind of sad and gloomy.  I mean, it's short.  It's in the middle of Winter.  And we've finally lost the adrenaline rush of the New Year.  All those big ideas we had?  All those goals we set?  The New Year Resolutions?

Let's be honest, we're not so excited about them anymore, and we've maybe even skipped a few days on whatever goals we might have set.  We tell ourselves we have good reasons - too busy, too tired, have more important things to do.  And maybe that's true.  But admittedly, sometimes we just don't feel like doing anything other than lying in bed and scrolling through Instagram.

Start things right, y'all.

If you decide to do something new, like keeping a journal, when you find yourself skipping out on an entry five days later, you know you're not going to keep it up for very long.

Make sure you start well.  If you begin something casually, and aren't too worried about missing a day, it's going to be very hard to finish strong.  You need to tell yourself you want to keep this up, and then you need to prove to yourself that you can and are willing to do what it takes.  Show yourself that you actually want to accomplish this.

The way you begin something often determines how you'll finish.  When you start a race, if you take off too fast, you'll be winded and get cramps and will eventually have to stop and catch your breath before you can keep going.  But if you start too slow, you might never catch up to the people in front of you before the end and you won't get your best time.  (Yeah, you can still finish either way, but it won't be as good as it could have been.)

These first few weeks of starting something new are very important.  You're going to start forming a habit, no matter what you do.  Do you want to form a habit of writing in your journal every evening?  Or do you want to form a habit of putting something off and only doing it now and then?

It's going to be hard.  You're forming something new, after all.  But you have to keep going, just for another week or two.  Do whatever it takes to get that daily task done or goal met.  Sometimes you'll want to give up or skip a day.  Don't.  It'll get easier, I promise.

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By Clare A.: From the Heart: How to Write a Clean Romance While Avoiding Stereotypes

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~~*~~ FINAL THOUGHTS ~~*~~

Once you train yourself, once you establish those habits, it really does get easier.  Sure, there are days where you genuinely don't have time, or where you find yourself too distracted to actually get something done.  But those don't get you off track like they used to when you first started.

Even runners have bad days, y'all.  I can run three times a week and then just have a bad day.  But I still go out. Maybe I'll just run a mile. Maybe I'll walk more.  But I'll still go out and try to get something done, because I've established the habit of going out.  I'll take it easier, but I'm still out there. And it's a lot easier to keep running when you're constantly going out (even if you're just doing a little distance), then if you run sporadically.

So persevere with your goals, y'all.  Don't give up.  Keep going strong.

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~Julian Daventry


  1. All right, and there’s my inspiration to continue journaling! I have a horrible job with habit-keeping....

    (Aw, and thanks so much for the mention! That honestly made my day. :) )

    1. Hey, your post was great! :D Keep journaling, girl, you got this!!

  2. Replies
    1. It's so easy to just give up, but if we keep at it just another week or so, it's get easier.

  3. What a wonderfully inspiring post, Julian! Just the thing to shake up these old monthly wrap-up posts!

    1. Aw, thanks! Hopefully it encourages people to keep going!