Saturday, April 28, 2018

April Showers: April Wrap-Up and Update

They say March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb. But where I am, the winter has only just decided to go away. Some springs, the winter eases out on a gentle slope, every day growing slightly warmer until all the snow has melted and the grass begins to grow again. That's not always the case, though, as with this year, when we'd have a warmer day, then three inches of ice, then a day when everything was so hot all anyone could think about was breaking out the T-shirts and shorts. Until, of course, the next morning, when everything was back to freezing and snow.

Our fight for clean YA books is similar to this winter-to-spring cycle, I think. There are days when it's freezing cold and the fight seems hopeless--but then there are days when all I have to do is look at my bookshelf, see the clean indie novels and even mainstream novels, and feel like maybe there's a way for us to accomplish something. And soon, the winter of fighting will turn into the spring of victory, when clean books won't be a rarity, but the norm.

This month there's been a lot going on here at Rebellious Writing, so let's dive right in!

This Month's Posts

RW Team Members Keturah and Clare report their thoughts on Ronald Pisaturo's The Merchant of Mars, a sci-fi play that received a pretty high rating from them. 

Do you really have to write smut and dirt? Clare A.'s brief but powerful post on the power of encouraging good in our writing is amazing and definitely worth a read. 

Not every teen lives the sort of lifestyle depicted by most mainstream YA books. Clean YA fosters hope and calls readers to be the best that they can be. Audrey Caylin defends these points and more in this brilliant post.

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Around the Blogosphere

Allison Kennedy's blog post, Bad Language Used in Christian Fiction, inspired some very interesting conversation amongst our team members and is definitely worth a read. 

The Beautiful People Meme has come to a close, and Rebellious Writing teammates Catherine Hawthorn, Lila Kims, Faith Thompson, and Melissa Gravitis all took part in the final link-up. Definitely worth checking out! 

Clare A. over at Movies Meet Their Match has given us a ton of tags and reviews this month, including the Disney Princess Book Tag! Super fun posts all around.

Anna C.S. hosted a poetry week over at her blog A World Through Her Heart--lots of talent over there.   

Keturah Lamb did an amazing post at Keturah's Korner on how to make a blogging schedule. If you're a blogger, read it--lots of helpful tips and experienced insight. 

And finally, Audrey Caylin has hosted four different guest posters this month on her blog! All of them have super cool insight into different parts of writing and they're awesome. 

Final Thoughts

We're still looking for a Goodreads coordinator! See last month's wrapup for more info on how to apply for that position.

Also, it's not too late to submit a guest post for us for this summer! If you would like to submit a guest post, please go to the "Collaborate" page and fill out the Google Form. Note: There is a glitch in the Form where guest posters are forced to fill in the Book Review page before it will submit. Just put in 1 star and N/A where applicable (unless you care to give us a review - then we will showcase it in the next Book Scout Bulletin!).  

I know that it can be hard sometimes to keep fighting, especially when it seems like a losing battle. But when it comes down to the wire, winter will one day give way to spring, just as it does in Northern New England. The snow's strength may seem invincible--but it isn't. We're all in this fight together, and one day, maybe not even that far away, we'll have victory. You know what they say--April showers bring May flowers. 


  1. Awesome job, Rebels. Keep up the hard work. <3

  2. Excellent post, Faith! I love your spring analogy, it fits PERFECTLY with what is going on. I can't wait for the day that I don't have to fear that the book I pick up from the library won't be clean :).

  3. Great post! And thanks for sharing my post ;D

  4. I plan on reading a bunch of fiction this May for my birthday (cause why not party all month, right??). I might write up some reviews of some of the better/worse books for y'all!

    Great Job, RW team!!!!

  5. Great post, Faith! I really like the metaphor!!

    Aww, thank you for your kind words!!!! :D