Saturday, February 24, 2018

Straight Shots: A Look at February and a Call to our Readers

Bow arched, tightened, the archer releases and his arrow whirs with speed and agility piercing whatever surface it is aimed at.

Our words are arrows, and everyday we must ask ourselves what we are shooting out into the world.

This month has been incredible for RW. From our shots to the shots we've been getting back.

I want to thank our reader's for your comments, your time on this blog, and your dedication to this movement. I also want to thank every single team member for pressing on and fighting through some of life's busiest time and still finding time for RW. You all are incredible.

Keep shooting those fiery arrows!

How are we growing?

Let's check the stats.

We now have

16,028 page views in all!

 We're reaching the whole world, check out who's reading our blog!

United States: 11,405
Israel: 1,839
Russia: 694
Australia: 625
United Kingdom: 396
Canada: 317
Ukraine: 263
India: 132
Ireland: 103
Germany: 83

This month at Rebellious Writing
Book Scout Bulletin #3

An incredible resource to find new reads reviewed rebelliously by our readers and team members. This month features opinions on Renegades, The Blood Race and other books.

Fill in the Blank: Combating Vulgarity with Vocabulary

What's causing a rampant rise in bad language and how can we combat it? Catherine takes on this problem from a fresh standpoint. A great call for us writers and also readers to expand our vocabulary.
You Think This Happens Everyday? - Romance and Keeping it Real

This post is a delightful mash up of princess bride and the lack of reality in teen romance. Definitely one to read if your YA incorporates romance!

A Call to Our Readers

This month I want to specifically extend a call to our readers. Though our schedule is booked until April, we need posts to fill this summer as our team takes a break and works on improving Rebellious Writing.

Bloggers, we want your posts on Rebellious reading and writing on our blog
 Writers & Authors, we want you to share your books & experiences.
Readers, we want you to share books that changed & shaped you

We would also appreciate any words of encouragement, ideas or suggestions our fellow rebels have.

To learn more about guidelines and the submissions you can make please visit the following page.

Rebellious Writing isn't just a movement, it's a community. Help us grow!

Let us always aim straight so that our shots may fall onto hearts and grow seeds of change.

Ad Meloria

- Anna C. S. -


  1. Amazing! It's so exciting to see Rebellious Writing grow into such a large movement. If I come up with an idea to contribute, I will. Right now, I'm drawing a blank, lol. But I look forward to seeing new posts in the coming months. Keep rocking it, Rebels. <3

    ~Ivie|Ivie Writes

    1. I totally agree! And any writing/ reading articles that meet our standard (which you always do :) are great. Thank you Ivie! Keep rocking it too ;) you're one of us. <3

  2. This is so awesome! Great job, team. We've got this! <3

  3. I want to write a book review of Behind These Hands by LInda Phillips. It's coming out in July and I'll receive an ARC this spring. I'll get back in touch when I'm ready to submit my review to you.

    1. Thank you so much Mrs. Baldwin! We'll all be looking forward to see that post :)

  4. Awesome wrap-up, Anna! I can't wait to see what our readers come up, because I know it will be awesome!


    1. I feel the same way! And thank you dear Catherine :)

  5. I've been mostly out of the blogosphere for the past month, so I look forward to catching up on those excellent-looking posts. ;)

    Keep up with the good work, everyone! <3
    - Jem Jones

    1. I can relate! I've been pretty out of it too :) It's always nice to come back and see what's happened (and psst we do have some incredible posts coming up ;)

      Thank you Jem!!!

  6. This is just so exciting, seeing how so many people are loving this!

    1. It really is! :) The seed planted so long ago is now becoming a full blown plant

  7. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES!!!!! Two of my favorite things ever: snow, and archery. Now we have covered them both for the monthly wrap-ups!!!!!

    What I'm trying to say is, great job Anna. :)