Saturday, December 16, 2017

INTRODUCING......Our New YouTube Coordinator!

Hello dear fellow Rebels!

We at Rebellious Writing have been anxiously waiting for this day for a long time. Today, we *officially* welcome a new member to our team!

A few reminders before the big event:

1. RW is taking a blogging hiatus from December 17 - January 6 for the holidays and for housekeeping stuff.

2. For those of you who submitted guest posts, please keep an eye out for an email from Catherine Hawthorn in the next two months. This email will ask for confirmation and/or a request for material, and will tell what date the post will be published on. 

And now, it is Rebellious Writing's pleasure, 

to introduce to you, 

our new YouTube Coordinator......

Keturah Lamb

Keturah Lamb is a young woman learning how to both live in and embrace God's reality. The written and verbal words help this process. She likes to call herself a realistic idealist. She has many passions in life, the first being her ideas concerning friendship {love}, the second being laughter {smiles}.You can learn more about her and her passions at her blog, Keturah's Korner.

Keturah offered to guest post for us some months ago before the position was open, so the team thought it was a good idea if she posted it now. Without further ado, here is Keturah!!

Readers read.
Writers write.

But why? Everything has purpose backed by motivation. But how often do we stop to examine what
that just might be? Do we truly understand the words that control our very own thoughts?

This has always been one of my favorite topics—reading, writing, anything to do with words. I love
words, both written and verbal. There's just something about them… a beautiful pull toward something beyond wonderful.

Words are powerful though, I've come to realize. 
We can do so much with them. 
We read them and our minds and hearts are influenced, often molded toward some sort of change.
We say them and affect others. 
We hear them and we ourselves are affected.

And still few know this.
Why? Because the power of words is subtle. Good and bad, its presence is hard to feel at first.
But if we choose to think about it, we all admit we feel the way words pull at us all, even those of us
who neither read nor write. Words determine much of humanity's destinations… love, war, family,
friends, enemies—all are controlled by the words one chose to release.

And so we are forced to think why.
Why do I write? All of us have different answers, but mine is this: to edify, to encourage, to entertain.
Why do I read? To be edified, to be encouraged, to be entertained.

And to me all three of these are equally important. In all honesty, we read and write because we enjoy
it. Entertainment is not bad… but void entertainment is. And that's why we seek to be inspired
(encouraged) and to be taught (edified), and as we learn and grow it's only natural that we would want to spread more of these things, to continue the path of good words.

Once we realize this it is time to throw in another E—Evaluate… how is this affecting me, those
around me, and my relationship with God? And that's when we can honestly determine which words
are worth reading and writing.

And that's why I'm excited to be joining the team! Because together we are all rising up and choosing
to ask the hard questions, “Is this worthy of being read/ written? Why?”

We are all choosing to think.

Together we are rebelling against conforming with the flow of “whatever they do” to “this is why I do

Together we are choosing to righteously resist that which is not good, clinging to what is perfect and

- Keturah Lamb -


  1. Oh my gosh, YES!! This has me so happy. Keturah is so awesome and wonderful. I can't wait to see future content. Have a nice hiatus, rebels. I'll see you in the New Year. <3

    1. Thank you, Ivie! I'm excited to be a part of this :)

  2. Welcome to the team, Keturah! I'm so glad it's official!!!

    Great post as well, I love the ending. :)

  3. YAY!!! I'm so glad you've stepped up to help us, Keturah! Welcome to the team! *hugs*

    I love the picture, it's so cute! And your post! I need to remember a lot of these still, it's a great reminder!

    1. *returns the hug*

      Thanks! It's a craft I made with some kids I babysat once. It went a long perfectly with my writing motto.

  4. Welcome, Keturah! Thank you so much for taking the job!!! *confetti*

    Great post, too! It is very inspirational! :D

  5. KETURAH!!!! *tackle-hugs* Congrats on being the new YouTube coordinator! I can't wait to see what you have in store for RW! :D

    1. *falls to the floor laughing* thank you!!! Me, too ;)

  6. This post though! I just nodded all the way through it, haha. This is perfect, and so important.