Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tricks & Treats: October's Monthly Update

This month I want to thank everyone for helping #RW's web to spread into every empty nook and cranny. Our sticky spider web of good is spreading! Our follower count is growing and encouraging posts are being released every week. Despite the busy webs that entangle each of our teams' lives: writing, school, work and all the other life responsibilities...we are keeping on to our cause and ever growing.

This month I want to take some time to thank a particularly faithful member of RW and one this movement could not be here without...that is *drum roll*

Thank you so much for your ceaseless work and support, your leadership is vital to us and I want to thank you for managing so much behind the scenes for us. You are totally incredible! 
A round of applause for her?

This month I have a special writerly goody pack for you as National Novel Writing Month grows eerily near. But first let's sum up the little goldmines of the month...

Is it Ok to Give Up? by Melissa Gravitis
Long time writer Melissa Gravitis talks about those trouble WIP's and shares encouraging heart to heart advice that every writer needs to hear.

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen
Lila Kims delivers an exciting book review packed with reasons to read this incredible first of a trilogy. Looking for some sword clashing adventures? Read the review and add this neatly written piece to your TBR!

Drugs and Alcohol in YA: When is it ok?
Guest blogger Elena Vines presents an interesting view on a controversial subject. How do we handle the issue of drugs and alcohol in our writing?

http://www.rebelliouswriting.com/2017/10/help-wanted-youtube-coordinator.html Help Wanted: Youtube Coordinator
And last but not least...we need a new Youtube Coordinator! RW has a gap in their team and if you are qualified we are much in need of you! Check out the guidelines in the post and email us for more info.

And now for the treats!
Image result for candy drawing tumblr 

Sweetly Sour Skittles // The Most Dangerous Writing App
Dangerous is an understatement. The point is here is to write a set amount of words or write for a certain time, the twist? If you stop typing...you lose your work. This is great for speed writing, getting ideas out, writer's block, or typing up pieces of your novel.

Chocolaty Heaven // Go Teen Writers
Go Teen Writers is the BEST resource out there for both new and old time writers. They have a
handy dandy index updated with articles on everything from how to build theme to character development and dialogue.

Image result for lollipop drawing tumblr 
A Myriad of Colors and Tastes, Lollipop // Pinterest
 Pinterest is a great place to find other writers, nifty tips and visual inspiration. If you enjoy seeing things and building a story visually...Pinterest is a great place to get inspired. The link above is a bank of inspiration to me...a board where I dump all kinds of intriguing pictures and concepts.

 Nothing is complete without a few tricks either!

1. Carry a notebook
2. Know when to listen to writerly advice and when to follow your gut feelings
3. You are writing your book, no one else is...remember that.
4. That being said DO take advice, chat & brainstorm with other writers
5. Try new and different things! Visit some places that could be relevant to your writing...even if it's just a laundromat or a park garden!

I close with this thought.
 We are all gifted with talents and abilities that no one else has. However minor or seemingly meaningless our differentiating characteristics are...never underestimate them to give your writing a personal twist. Also remember that you are not writing for others, you are writing for yourself.
Stay true to who you are and write Rebellious!

- Anna C. S. -


  1. What a lovely monthly wrap-up Anna! I love the candy, and the spider themes!! How did I miss reading so many posts this month? I better go read them! :)
    GO CATHERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Clare!!! :)
      I feel the same way honestly!


    And great job, Catherine! We really couldn't do this without you, you are amazing. <3

  3. This is what I needed. I love this so much. Thanks, y'all, for being an awesome team. Y'all inspire me to write and read clean. :D


    1. Thank you so much Ivie for your words of encouragement :)))

  4. Who gets to be the yt coordinator?

    1. That hasn't been determined yet...stay tuned!

  5. Great post, Anna!!! <3 I love the sweets touch. :) There's a thing called Write or Die that is VERY similar to The Most Dangerous App. Both sound great!

    Yes, good luck and stay sane, NaNo people! XD

    1. Thank you! :) Hmm...I haven't heard of it! Those apps can be dangerous yet helpful at times!

      Same thoughts from me! xD

  6. Beautiful post, Anna!!!

    *blushes* Y'all are too sweet for words, Anna, MC and Gray!

    Oh my - The Most Dangerous Writing App is very well named. I would be MIFFED if I lost my work - cause it takes a while for things to gel.


    1. Thank you so much Catherine...

      It really is! There is a save option that requires signing up to a newsletter but I haven't had to utilize it yet...the app is pretty effective!

    2. Awwwww...I'm just doing my job. *hugs*

    3. Yesssss, Catherine, you're amazing!! What would we do without you??? *tackle-hugs*

    4. CATHERINE YOU ARE THE BEST. You've run all of this and you're so good at it...thank you. *virtual cookies, cake, a never-ending supply of clean books, etc*

    5. *returns tackle hugs* thank you guys *bites cookie* wouldn't be able to without y'all!!!

  7. This is a lovely wrap-up post! I've never tried The Most Dangerous Writing App (or Write or Die) - do you find it/them useful?

    *confetti for Catherine* ;D
    - Jem Jones

    1. Thank you so much Jem! And Absolutely! Especially for finding new ideas/creative writing/writers block.

      ;D *applauds*

  8. We've had such a great month! Here's to many more to come!