Sunday, October 29, 2017

Help Wanted: YouTube Coordinator

Calling all Rebels!

We are in desperate need of a coordinator for the Rebellious Writing YouTube channel.

Currently, the YouTube channel is being coordinated by Catherine Hawthorn with some help from Anna C.S. While they both enjoy creating videos, Catherine's and Anna's responsibilities both inside and outside Rebellious Writing are increasingly demanding their attention. As a result, Catherine is requesting to step down from her temporary position as YouTube coordinator.

The Requirements for the Candidates are: 

1. Must be a supporter of clean YA reads. 
2. Must be willing to use uncopyrighted or CC licensed images, music, sounds or own work in videos. Under no circumstances will copyrighted material be allowed in our videos. 
3. Previous YouTube experience is highly recommended. Applicants will be asked to provide their personal channel link if possible. 

The Responsibilities of the YouTube Coordinator are: 

1. Create and/or edit videos to be placed on the channel. These can be announcements, book reviews and/or vlogs about topics relating to Rebellious Writing. 
2. Moderate all comments. Remove comments with swearing or other inappropriate content. 
3. Grow the platform by subscribing to channels and commenting on videos that support clean reads, particularly clean YA reads. These can be Christian or secular. Comment on videos supporting clean reads.
4. If needed, please share YouTube analytics data with team members. 

Further responsibilities may be added in the future. In terms of time commitment, that is up to the applicant (how much they want/are able to).

We will announce when the position is filled with a post here on the Rebellious Writing blog, introducing the new coordinator. 

If interested in this position or if you would like to know more, please email us ( and and put "YouTube Coordinator Position" in the subject line. 


  1. Yesssss!!! Please, take this position, someone! We need this! It'll be epic!

  2. Man, I would love to do this if it wasn't for a busy schedule and the fact that I really don't want my face out there for personal reasons. But this sounds so good. I hope you find someone really qualified. Good luck!


  3. I'm with Faith! If anyone is good at this kind of thing and is interested in being the tenth person on our team... we'd be grateful to have you.

  4. I would totally do this if I knew anything about making videos. :P I hope you guys find someone!

  5. I sent an email :) I know how to video make :) I just don't want my face out there if thats ok

    1. That's great, thank you! We'll see who else offers and then decided. :)

  6. I would kinda be up for it...but I have no experience with YouTube...and y'all probably don't want banjo music in your videos, lol. But hopefully y'all can find someone (if not...perhaps I'll think a little more seriously about it)!