Sunday, October 1, 2017

30 Days Hath September: Monthly Wrap-up and Update

A country road opens before your windshield. 

On either side, there are endless fields of corn, beans, or grain. They are brown now, in contrast to the vibrant colors in the nearby trees. The geese make picturesque V's, making their pilgrimage down South. It's a beautiful scene, and you drink it in. 

Until you hit the thirty potholes in the middle of every country road. 

In the second month of our blog, we hit a lot of learning curves and "potholes". Some things had to be streamlined, some minor coding refused to cooperate, and even some rotten fruit was aimed at us. 

But all great things, especially those that inspire change, will face such challenges. Now is not the time to be discouraged in the little trials, but to rejoice in the big successes! 

Our little "forest fire" referenced by Lila Red in last month's wrap-up has grown significantly in so many ways. Conversations (and even debates!) have been started. Parties and letters have led more people joining the Rebellion. Our scale of influence is even reaching not only disgruntled teens, parents and grandparents, but even published authors and editors!


What Have We Done This Month?

In the month of September, we've posted 5 times - 3 related to books and 2 relating to writing. This month was a lot of firsts - our first book review and our first bulletin!  Missed some? No need to scroll through the messy archive, just click the links! Bees: September Thoughts
Our lovely second-in-command Anna C.S. talked about how to slow down while reading books. Especially as the bulk of us started school at this time, this was a welcome reminder! Words: Do We Really Need Them?
This post by our founder, Gray Marie, really was spectacular - both in content and reaction. It is now our top most view post of all time - over 520 individual views!!! This issue definitely resonates with a lot of people, and we've gotten some really great discussion from it. Scout Bulletin #1
For our pilot Book Scout Bulletin, we had 8 book reviews given to us between August 9-31 from various book scouts! I salute you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart - especially for your feedback for improving the contact form!!! and Mirrors
No story is complete without a transformation or a journey of some kind. In this post, our beloved Aussie writer Melissa Gravitis showed how to create awesome character arcs by climbing mountains and looking into mirrors :) Review: Silent to the Bone 
Clare A. sent out the warning signals on this book by E. L. Konigsburg. It's really important that we know which books to avoid as well as which books to promote. Kudos to Clare for taking this one on!

But that isn't all....

What's Happening on our Social Media? media?
After all, Rome wasn't built in a day.
As we were laying the groundwork for the blog website, several of us were already making waves over social media. Starting with Pinterest, we soon expanded to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As the launch came closer, we opened up the Google+ and YouTube channels. The latest account to join the ranks is the Goodreads, which was created the day immediately before the launch.
Therefore, this is the first month that we've had some definitive stats for all 7 social media accounts!!

So what has been happening on each of our profiles??


32 likes, 33 followers

This is the platform that is responsible for a lot of our views! Facebook has been steadily giving us at least 50-100 views for each post that we put up. Special thanks to our Facebook viewers!

What's been going on here?

 Our specialty - starting conversations and connecting others!

 Thank you Faith, for your undying diligence!!


200 Tweets, 203 followers, 441 likes

What's going on here?

Lots of happy tweeting with lots of encouraging quotes every day.

Like this one:

Thank you Audrey and Melissa for giving us these precious gems :)


14 boards, 51 followers

What's going on here?

This medium has been very quiet lately, a fact that I am solely responsible for....*guilty looks*. 

However, hope is not lost!

Our fearless leader, like any good general, has saved the foundering sergeant in the moment of hopeless confusion.

In all seriousness though, I've had to scale back a wee bit due to, in Liv Fisher's words, "that annoying pesky little thing called school". Gray Marie Cox has graciously offered her assistance, to which I am eternally grateful for! 

Here is a sampling of what we're thinking of putting up soon:


14 posts, 86 followers

What's been going on here?

A delightful mix of encouragement, books, quotes and other stuff!

Below is one of my favorite posts:

Thank you,  Anna C.S., for being a beautiful light for us all <3


12 discussion threads, 27 members

What's going on here?

For our newest platform, we are steadily growing!! We are collaborating with writers and fans of clean YA of all ages, and having some really cool discussions.

Thank you Abby for keeping this ball rolling! *hugs*.



What's going on here?

Sharing of blog posts and other stuff we find around the web!
Special thanks to my fellow team members and our Activists for such a great job!


1 video (117 views), 16 subscribers

What's going on here?

Ah, the sad little YouTube Channel. Poor little neglected's a stray kitten that needs to be adopted.

Keep an eye out for more info!


You can access all of our social media pages by clicking the buttons in the upper right hand corner of the black ribbon. And we now have the sharing buttons working, so you can share our posts on your own social media! By far, sharing materials such as posts and images is how others are finding Rebellious Writing.

Speaking of which...

Who Has Seen and Joined Us?

Followers: When we ended August, we had 39 followers. As of September 30, we have jumped up to 56 followers!

Views: Last month, our all-time views had reached ~3500 views. We have now almost doubled to ~6500 views! Our top views are from the US, Australia, Great Britain, Russia, and Canada; but we've also gained a fair number from Israel, India, Germany, and the Netherlands!

Now, we shall leave our little abode and check up on...

What is Happening in the Neighborhood?

One of our Activists, Ivie Brooks, is hosting a challenge to write 15 minutes a day all through the month of October. This challenge is perfect for those writers that either need to plot for NaNo or are not participating in NaNo this year. Please go check it out and follow her blog, Ivie Writes!

Rachel Kovaciny, (a.k.a Hamlette @ The Edge of the Precipice) a firm supporter of Rebellious Writing, has released her newest work of fiction, entitled Cloaked. If you are a fan of fairy tale retellings, Westerns, and clean literature, please check it here!

Audrey Caylin recently wrote an amusing post about the 7 Reasons why Writers and Autumn are a Perfect Match. Perfect if you need a laugh in the middle of writing chaos. 

Our techy guru Abby Lennah has taken a dive into the speculative with her new book, Cahira & the GhostsHer aesthetics are gorgeous and the book is coming out really soon!  

Lila Red has partnered with her good friend (and fellow Rebel) Penny Whitmore to produce dual posts, one on fairy tale re-tellings and one on co-authoring. Both posts are super informative - I know I shall be using the fairy tale one for when I finish drafting my recently face-lifted Snow White retelling! 

Faith Thompson, Claire A. and Catherine Hawthorn (as well as some of our followers!) participated in Hamlette's 2017 Tolkien Blog Party! We had a blast answering this year's tag questions, and the games this year were awesome! Claire A. also won a prize in the giveaway, congrats Claire!

And Now, A Last Note

The first volleys have been exchanged, and the battle is just now beginning. We rebels must not shirk from our principles, especially in these first moments.

Just remember to....


because one day....

Let's Rebel!!! 

(P.S. Warning: the songs come from a very popular musical that has some language in it. I apologize for any fangirling in the comments.)


  1. This is a wonderful wrap-up! I love how you included what was happening around the blogosphere (sorry, neighborhood). I now have plenty of posts to check out, haha! Here's hoping we all have a great October! :)

    1. Thank you Melissa! I thought I'd expand it out a little this month - because publishing a book and hosting a writing challenge are super huge deals :). Amen to that!

  2. Aww, this was amazing!!! Y'all rock. And thanks for the mention!! That was very sweet of you! I hope you can dominate the world because we could all use clean writing!!
    God bless y'all. Have a wonderful October!


    1. You're welcome Ivie! With God's help, I believe we can!

  3. This was super well done! Great job, Catherine!

  4. Just discovered I wasn't following the Facebook page. I am now :-)

    And thanks for the shout-out about my book Cloaked! <3

  5. This wrap-up is great! AMAZING job, Catherine! XD I don't have much social media, so I was glad to hear that things are going good with Instagram and Twitter and so on.

    And thank you for the mention <3 - Penny and I had fun with that. :D I'm so glad you found our posts helpful!

    1. Thank you Lila! Most of the pages are actually open for public viewing, in case you wanted to peek at them.

      And you're welcome! I really enjoyed them, hope to see more!

  6. Congratulations!! This is wonderful and I think you girls have a gold mine! I'm sorry I'm not able to read everything, but this is a great recap post. And the Newsies reference at the end of the post was absolutely PERFECT!!! <3 <3 <3 Keep up the good work!!! God bless!

    1. I was wondering if someone was going to catch that!!! Those three songs remind me a lot of the sentiments that we team members felt when we started this whole thing.

      Thank you Sarah!

  7. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU FOR REFERENCING NEWSIES!!!!! I actually screamed. (sorry, little brothers) This wrap-up post was really good!


    1. Hehee, glad you approve. I actually linked the songs...not sure if anyone noticed.

      Thank you, little sis!

    2. GASP! I didn't notice!


    3. I can understand that...the links look totally different in the compose mode. I thought something had gone wrong until I rolled over the titles.

  8. what a sign off at the end-- Love that you're growing by leaps and bounds!

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Baldwin! I got introduced to Newsies fairly recently (by the person that commented above you) and I love the soundtrack. Those three songs I linked are my favorites to write RW posts to.

      So do I!

  9. I didn't realise RW was on so many social media! Go you ;)
    Jem Jones

  10. You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work. ;) I'll have to find your Facebook page now! I'm a Christian who's always been conflicted about many popular ya books, especially fantasy. I'm always interested to hear your thoughts and see the discussions on here.

    1. Thank you Izelle! If you look in the top right corner, the link to the Facebook page is the second icon.

      Fantasy is an iffy one for me too - I've discovered that high fantasy and Christian speculative seem to be the best ones in that genre.

  11. Very nice wrap-up, Catherine!! I hadn't see that pic about eyes but it is very helpful as I am trying to discribe all my characters in my book and I keep giving them the same eye colors! (Sorry about the run on sentence, it's been a long day.)

    Wow, I didn't realize I was getting mentioned so many times in this post. How sweet of you!

    I have just realized that I missed Melissa's post some how, so I'm off to read it!

    1. Totally understand run-on sentences. I tend to do that too. You're welcome, and enjoy Melissa's post!