Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Book Review: Silent to the Bone by E. L. Konigsburg

Here we are for a Rebellious Writing book review! It is amazing that this site has been up for over a month! Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen!!

I was kind of nervous when I picked up this book because sometimes I really like E. L. Konigsburg's works, and sometimes I really don't, there is not really a happy medium.

Silent to the Bone

Author: E. L. Konigsburg
Originally Published: 2000
Publisher: Atheneum Books
Genre: Young Adult Novel, Mystery.
Age Range: Young Adult
Pages: 206
Connor is sure his best friend, Branwell, couldn't have hurt Branwell's baby half sister, Nikki. But Nikki lies in a coma, and Branwell is in a juvenile behavioral center, suspected of a horrible crime and unable to utter the words to tell what really happened. Connor is the only one who might be able to break through Branwell's wall of silence. But how can he prove Branwell didn't commit the unspeakable act of which he's accused-- when Branwell can't speak for himself?



(There is quite a bit of smoking, but they do say that is it bad.)


(There is A LOT. And "putting clothing back on." In sort of a way they say that it is very bad, but not really. Some people get the consequences, but some don't.)

Book Review:

Branwell has stopped talking.

After dropping his six month old little sister, Nikki, he goes to call 911 but when then can't say anything, and his au pair, Vivian, has to take over. 

Branwell is sent to a Behavioral Center, but he still won't say anything. His dad, Dr. Zamborska, asks Branwell's best friend Conner Kane to try to get Branwell to talk.

Connor comes up with a way to comunicate using the technique that Jean-Dominique Bauby used in writing The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Connor writes flash cards with random words he thought of, and his idea is that he will point to each card and the one that Branwell blinks at, he will try to find out more. Branwell loves words and agrees to right away.

Branwell first chooses Margaret, Conner's have sister, where she knows more things about him and can relate to him. Together Margaret and Connor track down the facts, with tapes, Vivian, Branwell's grandparents, and many people. The story actually started a long time ago, where the truth is a lot different.

This book was really not that good. It had a lot of bad stuff in it. This is why we are rebelling, because it is a good idea, but it was really poorly executed. And E. L. Konigsburg is an excellent author, why did she have to write a book with such bad things? Two of her books are some of my favorite books ever, and two are some of my least favorite ever. Why did she have to do the bad ones? Why can't they all be good?

Rebel with us!!!!

Yours &c.
Clare A.


  1. *whew* after all the techy bugs, its finally up!! You did such a good job reviewing this, Clare!

    I wonder if E.L. Konigsburg has a ghostwriter. It's the only explanation that I can think of for the disparity of quality in her works.

    Catherine Hawthorn

    1. Yeah! I'm still so sorry about all the mess, but I'm glad it's up! Thank you, Catherine!

      She must have, how else could she have my least favorite and favorite books?

      Thanks again, Catherine!

  2. That's so sad that her works vary, great review!

    1. It is, why can't they all be good!? Thanks, Gray!

  3. It's disappointing that her books seem to be either very good or bad. Thanks for letting us know about this book!

    1. How can that happen!? I picked up this book thinking, "It's E.L.Konigsburg, it must be good!" I was wrong.

  4. Too bad it was like that. Unfortunately, it seems some writers will write nice books at times and then smutty books at times.

    On a semi-related note, I was thinking of sending in a book review for Heartless. Would y'all be interested in that?


    1. Sure, Ivie! If you go to the Mission: Contribute tab, there's an option to submit book reviews. Do it through there and it should be on next month's Book Scout Bulletin. :)

    2. Also, Ivie, if you want to do a longer one (like the one above) just let us know via email!


  5. Excellent review, Clare! Very informative! Sad, also, because of the content, but appreciated :/ :)

    1. Thank you, Lila! I didn't like reading it, but I'm glad I did because now I can tell people about it. :)

  6. Excellent, thoughtful review. I appreciate it, Clare

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Baldwin! I appreciate you reading it!

  7. great review! Sad, since the concept seems interesting and E.L. Konigsburg is usually a great author. :(
    great job, Clare! :)

    1. That is what is wrong with most not good books, the idea is good but it is executed poorly. :(
      Thank you, Allison! :)